A Pigment of Your Imagination, L.L.C.

Looking for fundraisers for your school organization, club, youth group or church? Look no further!  A Pigment of Your Imagination, L.L.C. can help your organization or school earn the funds it needs and enjoy being creative at the same time.    

Pottery Painting - Canvas Painting - Glass Fusing 

 Call or come in today and see how we can help!

Choose pottery such as a platter, cookie jar, tile mirror frame, or a set of dishes.  Take the items and paint to your school and have the kids do hand prints or fingerprints. You may decide to do glass fusing and have them do designs on a bowl, plate or tile mirror frame.  The possibilities are endless!  

You can choose a favorite canvas design and our staff artists will guide everyone through it step by step.  Choose the size canvas you want (we have several different sizes), date and time.  Have it at our studio or we can come to your venue.

Tiles and Tile Walls - We offer a reasonable price for tile wall fundraiser projects.  Design and paint the tiles and sell them to your donors for your chosen markup.  The participants can even keep the tiles as a reminder of the fun they had at your event!  

You can make a field trip and do the design work at our studio, we can come to you, or you can take the items and paints to your school and have do the project at your location.  Then bring it back to be glazed and fired.  Parents really fight over these hand-painted works of art - with their wallets!

Here are a few projects we have helped with.